For 145 years the name “Mühle” has stood for precision and precision measuring, which become a full-blown family tradition. The foundation for this was laid by Robert Mühle who began manufacturing measuring instruments for the watchmaking industry in Glashütte in 1869. Today, MÜHLE-GLASHÜTTE holds an important role in German watch making, especially in the region of Glashütte.


The award winning MÜHLE-GLASHÜTTE S.A.R models in particular demonstrate these excellent qualities. They have been made for the crew members of the German Maritime Search and Rescue Service and rescue pilots of the German Navy, who wear them on duty every day.


The watches produced by MÜHLE-GLASHÜTTE stand out due to their clarity of display, excellent functionality and high precision. That is the essence of MÜHLE-GLASHÜTTE watches: elementary time measurement.
Official Website: www.muehle-glashuette.de/en/