Complex and delicate the mechanisms for the turning, swivelling and retrograding displays may be, but reading the time on a BLU watch is very simple, an almost intuitive experience. This is another principle of Bernhard Lederer, a renowned master watchmaker who is listed as a member in A.H.C.I (ACADÉMIE HORLOGÈRE DES CRÉATEURS INDÉPENDANTS) as well as the founder and technical director of Bernhard Lederer’s Universe – BLU.

Instead of conventional hands, BLU watches have discs turning on dials that bear no numbers. Or let small dials revolve within a larger, rotating dial. Or make the whole movement turn on three levels with three different rotating speeds, eliminating all necessity for dials, hands or numbers altogether.

If time is what we read on our watch, as Einstein said, then time for the owner of a BLUwatch really is something very special and precious.

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